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Harbour Porpoises!

Oh my, we have just come in from watching a school of harbour porpoises just off the Capstone on a lovely still evening. Beats the evening commute any day.

Book now for the upcoming two week heatwave!

Yes its here at last! according to almost all of the national newspapers there will be an official heatwave sweeping the country in the next two weeks.

International intentions

The sweetest social connection took place in Ilfracombe at The Elmfield this weekend. Two families, both attending different weddings at Tunnels beaches.

Its Hot Hot Hot and time to go surfing!

Its been scorching here at The Elmfield and we have our boards and Barbecue constantly on standby ready to dash off to Woolacombe or Barricane Beach at the slightest chance.

The pool is warm, the surf is up it must be May!

We have been splashing around in the heated pool with the little ones as have our guests now that the weather is splendid.

Spring lambs and wild garlic make an appearance

The lambs are frolicking and the wild garlic has made its first appearance at last. The harsh winter and late spring obviously add up to a fabulous summer by our calculations.

Easter pool action & new room to come on line for 2013 season

The swimming pool is heating away following its winter hibernation and we have made over the pool house for the 2013 season.

Pool temporarily out of service

The Pool will be up and running for the Easter holiday following unforseen maintenance issues.

We are reopening on February 15th

We are reopening for the season on the 15th February having fired up the pool in anticipation.

Decorating And Fixing up for 2013

We are getting the place all fixed up ready to go again after a hectic 2012.