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the elmfield celebrates devons finest

We're really excited about October, here at The Elmfield - Haloween, harvest and a month long celebration of Devons finest produce.

Aqua fit and sunday lunch.

Last night we held our 1st weekly Aquafit session. It was very energetic and lots of fun. Debbie the Aquafit teacher from AST swimschool, who also teaches private swimming classes here tailors the class perfectly to the requirements of all the attendees. The only down side is that I think we've definitely lost a few inches of pool water along with the inches off waistlines. The classes are open to guests and visitors.

crazy gourmets and silly golf

Finally a little taste of golden sun-light. We've been out today playing crazy golf, and taking in the spectacular views from the top of Capstone hill...just gorgeous.

minis, beer, and carnival jim but not as we know it

Bank Holiday weekend, lazy hot afternoons, good music, friends, beers no worries.

fun does not stop

We've had a week of rain - there's no getting away from the fact, but true to form, it has not dampened the fun had by our holiday makers.

Introducing Mr Tom Frost.

This week at The Elmfield kitchen has been radically transformed. We're delighted to welcome on board the culinary talents of Mr Tom Frost.

bird-man competition...you know it makes sense

If you're in any doubt whether to come to Ilfracombe in August check out this video of last years Bird-man competition. http://tinyurl.com/6nkrn7

Yes indeed, that is what we do here for fun.

play hut is a lifesaver

Now that the schools have finally broken-up for summer, we're very grateful to have one of the county's best family facilities right on our doorstep.

horses and boats

For the past couple of weeks, we've all been taking horse riding lessons at the local stables. http://www.mullacott.co.uk

Fresh fish at seaside town shocker!

Since moving to the glorious North Devon coast, I have been a little disappointed in the lack of fresh fish available in town.